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Technology for Leaders, What a leader needs to know to lead an industry and the world between now and the 2020’s

A fully updated guide to what a leader needs to know to deal with the coming years of disruptions and opportunities:

  • Billion-user platforms are here. More are coming from Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and others. They will disrupt every business, including yours. Are you ready?
  • Tech gives every person more power. Giant changes keep shocking politics, consumption, marketing and brand loyalty. Are you ready?
  • Here's the unexpected drivers, outcomes and how your business can benefit from them.
  • See the new strategy, tech and steps to add groundbreaking growth by your company.
  • Learn how to lead your industry and a Digital Earth. Prepare your company to lead for decades.

Learn the Big Surprise: 
Digital Transformation will be Global

Digital tech is winner-take-all. Can your company win against billion-user platforms from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and others?

The big surprise is each company's strategy will be eclipsed by the coming Global Digital Transformation.

To see a people-first Digital Earth, start here

Tomorrow's Digital Earth will have a digital infrastructure that will last for decades, with long-term winners and losers.

Your company can win, if you get Future Ready now — and add new Expandiverse abilities to make your products and services the world's best.

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By 2020–2025, billion-user platforms will compete to dominate each other, and everyone.

Winner-Take-All Wars are coming. It's time for your company to prepare a different future: Lead by making people win. Expand prosperity to lead your industry, then scale that to lead a successful Digital Earth.

First lead your industry. Then scale to help lead the world.

Roadmaps to build a People-First Digital Earth

Meet the Inventor-Founder

Dan Abelow
Inventor Expandiverse Technology, and Founder Digital Earth 2025

Dan holds degrees from Harvard and Wharton. Drove advances at world-leading companies like Accenture and Cisco Systems. Previous patents licensed by over 500 companies. Over 500 patent citations of new Expandiverse Technology to build a Digital Earth.

Meet Dan  (0:53 video)

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