Tomorrow: Not expensive to build, by today’s standards

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The forthcoming book Health 2025: How a Digital Earth protects and cares for us all, describes the world’s medical systems at the performance level of a continuously connected Digital Earth. It illustrates how a global Digital Medical Immune System (DMIS) will enable many medical patients and providers — everyone — to reach healthcare goals rapidly, with high quality, and at global scale.

The same scale of global advances are throughout a continuously connected Expandiverse. An infrastructure-level advance changes business operations, the global supply chain, education, entertainment, daily living and many other areas.

This kind of “build once, run everywhere” platform changes the world’s operating context. These advance how we operate, who can succeed and how much everyone can achieve. 

This is the kind of network-delivered transformations that offer the opportunity to collectively produce trillions of dollars in value and wealth. In comparison, a startup that reaches $10 billion in value is just 1% of the way to its first trillion dollars.

Speaking of medicine, this new kind of Expandiverse platform could be built for less than the cost of one sophisticated new American major medical device or pharmaceutical drug (including its R&D, FDA approvals and product marketing). Medical products and drugs are everyday investments.

We have seen inventions transform what we can do and how much we achieve. Building startups that are trying to disrupt every industry is becoming common. The first part of Medicine 2025 is about how a Digital Earth platform can change medicine. The second part is how a Digital Earth platform can transform the global economy, too. Adding the Expandiverse is intended to start the improvement of many lives, companies and the world.

The deeper question is whether a Digital Earth platform might re-open the future. After decades of declining middle class income in the first world (including America and other advanced economies), the Expandiverse was created to give everyone new ways to rise, to make personal and societal greatness the world’s new norm.

A Digital Earth will change everything. If a “home” can be found to develop this at scale, one thing is clear. Building this Digital Earth’s platform, and creating a global re-opening, are ready to begin.

The question is whether — and when — the world will see the affordable opportunities that are now possible.



Image credit: Dan Abelow