7.1.4 Enjoy the best the Earth has to offer, worldwide (1:35 length)

INTERVIEWER: If the Sydney Opera House promotes itself as Expandiverse-ready, I know that the wonderful opera being readied to perform there, that, “Gosh! I’d like to buy tickets tonight. Honey, let’s go to Sydney.” With my screen that stretches the size of my wall I’ve gone on to my pay wall and paid for it. It will be interesting for an establishment to set up cameras so people will have as full an experience as possible.

DAN ABELOW: There is an entire system architecture for what I call “Worldwide Digital Events”. There’s processes whereby people around the world can register them so that it can be businesses and venues like the Sydney Opera House, but it can also be individuals who say, “Hey, there is something going on right now. Here.”

Then there can be filters so that people can receive alerts — based on number of people, based on how fast something is growing, based on kinds of interests that they have.

I may be less interested in the Sydney Opera House than I may be in a particular opera singer and want to follow that opera singer wherever they are and see the different kinds of performances that they do.

So I can have alerts set up for me so that I can follow things.

Not only that, there are different kinds of digital events mapping, dashboards, kinds of way of communicating what’s happening around the world.

At any moment, I can say, “What’s available to me right now? I want to do something. I want to see something. I want to experience something.”