7.1.5 What’s best for you? Experience it, immediately, any time you want (1:57 length)

INTERVIEWER: It becomes a motivation, especially for places like restaurants, bars and all kinds of venues, even parks, for them to become Expandiverse-ready or Expandiverse-accessible.

DAN ABELOW: Now, the advantages are we are not spending huge amounts of resources to increase the quality and value that we deliver to people everywhere.

At the same time, we’re producing valuable content and experiences for people, that as you said, can be monetized.

You can have a subscription that allows you access to many kinds of events. You can have the opportunity to buy a ticket. You can do something where you are entitled to certain numbers or certain kinds of things that are for free. Or many things can be free. There is a whole range of ways that these can be priced.

There’s alert systems. There’s systems where people can add and notify people. There’s all kinds of ways that you can access choices based on your interests and needs.

Then there are ways of gaining admission. That can be a step and a process within itself. The venues can either be giving it away for free for advertising, or selling tickets to it, or providing it through subscriptions that you may have through participation in various groups.

There’s lots of ways of doing it all.

It becomes a way of taking the best that the Earth has to offer. In a sense, everything that the Earth has to offer. What is best for you, to allow you to experience it, immediately, any time you want.