Does this mean people don’t fail any more? Does this change success and failure? (video: 1:42)

INTERVIEWER  We talked about how people will receive the best knowledge, the best practices and the latest innovations. But learning has the notion of failing forward, that some of our best learning comes from making lots of mistakes. Does Active Knowledge end that?

DAN ABELOW: As we move into an Expandiverse where everybody has active knowledge, the ability to succeed is going to go up exponentially because we won’t need everybody to go through entire decades of education systems to reach a level of the ability to succeed in many of the things they do on an everyday basis.

People will be able to be more successful, and that doesn’t mean people won’t try. It doesn’t mean that people won’t start by trying something they don’t know how to do and then reach for the active knowledge that’s available about how to succeed.

What it does mean is that people’s level of ambition will grow.

People will go through a learning curve of being able to do more and being able to expect that when they try to do something new, they’ll be able to be much more successful than today when they don’t have the world’s best knowledge and resources coming to them based upon their behavior, based on what they’re doing.

So there will be a new level of failure. But our goals, our ambitions will be bigger and we will fail at a higher level of trying to reach more and do