If everyone can rise, will that flip society’s pyramid?

In the continuously connected world of 2025, how will everyone reach for their own greatness?


In tomorrow’s hierarchy, will an upside down pyramid be a right-side up world?

For billions of people all across the Earth, yesterday’s world isn’t succeeding well enough or fixing problems fast enough. Too many are stuck, educated, aware, capable and connected — yet locked in a limited future instead of free to soar.

As a fork in the road, Active Knowledge creates the possibility of universal personal greatness. It makes “knowing everything” normal, rather than limiting it to the minority with the best “education.” It allows everyone to achieve — for themselves, where they are, when they want it and on the devices they happen to use during each day.

An evolved network leads to a new kind of world. Advances happen and spread all the time, not just when you’re at school, not just when your job teaches you something new. But any time you could be better, technology and life offer new options for you to become all you can be, and reach your full potentials.

For too long, we’ve separated learning as something that takes effort, something that is done in libraries and by teachers, which makes it occasional and infrequent. With Active Knowledge learning is life, and life is achieving the greatness that’s in all of us.


By 2025, could we build a positive and successful Digital Earth that works for everyone?


Isn’t it about time that your reality was yours, continuous and under your control? We don’t have this now. But in the Expandiverse, all bets are off and all your digital lives are on.

Is it time to Expand today’s limited devices, and Expand today’s limited world?

Should we begin the journey into a Digital Earth where everyone could choose to be their best when they want, where greatness could be normal?

It’s a road with a destination beyond buying the newest cool device, then straining against its limits.

As our digital world grows, devices will have to Expand until your devices can serve you totally. This won’t happen overnight.

But it’s time to start realizing that it will happen.

Unlike any generation before in history, we know how to design and build our dreams.

Expand your mind, and expand your future.

Are you ready to enter the next stage?



Image credits: Both graphics are copyright Dan Abelow.