An “Active Knowledge” network raises personal and societal success

In the continuously connected world of 2025, how will everyone reach for their own greatness?


We think a network is communications. What if it included an Active Knowledge service that was based on behavior, and delivered responsive ways to succeed? What if this helped everyone rise and reach for their dreams?

Let’s add a new path, starting from today:

First, organize: Google’s mission — to organize the world’s information — comes from yesterday’s world of facts. It’s based on “static knowledge.” Everyone has to stop, search and find the right information from somewhere else. That helps some people a lot. But only some of the time, and not everyone.

Networks stay based on communications and advertising. The world stays the same.

Next, deliver: In tomorrow’s digital world Active Knowledge comes from what we do. It’s generated by us, and is based on us. Think about using devices that recognize you, and restore everything you’re doing as you switch from device to device, from screen to screen. That network knows who you are, your device, the task you’re doing and the steps you take. It aggregates it and responds to success and failure. You’re the filter and the Active Knowledge finds you. You can always know the best steps, like GPS directions to your goal.

This changes everything. Networks are based on behavior. They deliver success, so success becomes the new world standard.

Then commerce: An Active Knowledge network will know what the world’s best is. And how to achieve it. If you want to be as good as the best in the world, it can tell you which devices, services and products are actually used for that. Then it helps you buy, rent, share and use them. You become the best. Along with everyone who wants to reach the top.

Everything changes again. The network is the e-commerce channel inside what we do, ready to help everyone ascend all the time. The paradigm flips from push (find customers / sell them) to pull (when you want it, it’s there right away. Accelerate!).

Then surge forward: Worldwide, the best knowledge is discovered and spread exponentially. An Active Knowledge network spots innovations, tests them and improves its guidance. It delivers the leading edge of progress to everyone as part of everyday living. Everyone can move out in front. Our world surfs the future, constantly becoming the best we can be. The Expandiverse name for this is AnthroTechtonics.

Everything keeps changing. The network makes it normal to be great… and then become greater.

It won’t matter whether you are in Silicon Valley or Sao Paulo. It won’t matter whether you are in Singapore or in a small village in Africa, South America or Asia. Everybody who uses a networked screen can receive Active Knowledge guidance — and become able to succeed as well as the best people in the world.

Which could eventually be most people. Active Knowledge shifts us to a new kind of AnthroTechtonic future. One where everyone can surge to the top, whenever they decide to go there.



Image credit: Shutterstock.