3.1.3 What’s in your digital world? (1:27 length)

INTERVIEWER: As opposed to Skype, for example, where I have to obviously dial up, I have to click a button and dial a colleague in Washington, D.C. for us to have a discussion or for us to be present. This is not that kind of action; it’s different. Is it?

DAN ABELOW: In the future, our devices, that teleportal, that family, that architecture behind it, each one of it is going to be a thousand times more powerful than what we have in our hand today. The networking and the storage behind them are going to be multiples, large multiples of where we are today.

As a result, going from, “I only have the resource in my hand to connect to one thing or several things at a time and that’s it,” is going to multiply to, “I can be connected to everything I need to.”

When I’m connected to everything that I need to be connected to, I simply say, “That’s the piece I need.”

It’s like I walk into that door, I walk down in this hall and I walk into that door or I walk to this person and tap him in the shoulder. The connections are there, are real and no longer does it matter that someone is here and local physically.

I’m going to be having a digital world that allows me to go anywhere I need to be, whether it’s people or resources or tools or services.