If Columbus came back and discovered a New Digital World, what would it be?

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Before Columbus discovered the New World in 1492, questioning was forbidden. Curiosity was criticized. The spirit of investigation was not respected.

Columbus’ discovery of “a New World” opened eyes and sparked imaginations. Printing was new at the time and books just starting to be affordable, but over 100 books were written and published about his voyages and the New World. Europe’s intellectual limits started to lift. Naturalists started exploring the world, collecting and cataloging new plants and animals that were unknown. Facts replaced opinions, and everyone had to wonder about bisons, llamas and other animals that were not on Noah’s ark.

Questions led to new knowledge. New knowledge led to further explorations. Personal growth, discoveries, books and learning were unchained.


Tomorrow’s New Digital World

What would happen today if Columbus came back, and discovered the next New World? What if it were multiple Digital Earths, instead of a single new world? What if you controlled your Digital Earths, instead of being controlled by them?

Consider the first 3 paragraphs of the patent application “Reality Alternate:”

(quote) OVERVIEW: Just as fiction authors have described alternate worlds in novels, this introduces an Alternate Reality—but provides it as technical innovation. This new Alternate Reality’s “world” is named the “Expandaverse” which is a conceptual alteration of the “Universe” name and a conceptual alteration of our current reality. Where our physical “Universe” is considered given and physically fixed, the Expandaverse provides a plurality of human created digital realities that includes a plurality of human created means that may be used simultaneously by individuals, groups, institutions and societies to expand the number and types of digital realities—and may be used to provide continuous expansions of a plurality of Alternate Realities. To create the Expandaverse current known technologies are reorganized and combined with new innovations to repurpose what they accomplish and deliver, collectively turning the Earth and near-space into the equivalent of one large, connected room (herein one or a plurality of “Shared Planetary Life Spaces” or SPLS) with a plurality of new possible human realities and living patterns that may be combined differently, directed differently and controlled differently than our current physical reality.

In some examples of this Alternate Reality, people are more connected remotely, and are less connected to where they are physically present—and means are provided for multiple new types of devices, connections and “digital presence”. In some examples of this Alternate Reality, information on how to succeed is automatically collected during a plurality of activities, optimized and delivered to a plurality of others while they are doing the same types of activities, leading to opportunities for higher rates of personal success and greater economic productivity by adopting the most effective new uses, technologies, devices and systems—and means are provided for this. In some examples of this Alternate Reality individuals may establish multiple identities and profiles, associate groups of identities together, and utilize any of them for earning additional income, owning additional wealth or enjoying life in new ways—and means are provided for this. In some examples of this Alternate Reality, means are enumerated for the evolution of multiple types of independent “governances” (which are separate from nation state governments) that may be trans-border and increasingly augment “governments” in that each “governance” provides means for various new types of collective human successes and living patterns that range from personal sovereignty (within a governance), to economic sovereignties (within a governance), to new types of central authorities (within a governance). In some examples of this Alternate Reality, means (herein including means such as an “Alternate Reality Machine”) are provided for each identity (as described elsewhere) to create and manage a plurality of separate human realities that each provides manageable boundaries that determine the “presence” of that identity, wherein each separate reality may have boundaries such as prioritized interests (to include what is wanted), exclusion filters (to exclude what is not wanted), paywalls (to receive income such as for providing awareness and attention), digital and/or physical protections (to provide security from what is excluded), etc. In some examples of this Alternate Reality, means are provided for one or a plurality of a new type of Utility(ies) that provides a flexible infrastructure such as for this Alternate Reality’s remote presence in Shared Planetary Life Spaces, automated delivery of “how to succeed” interactions, multiple personal identities, creation and control of new types of “realities broadcasting,” independent “governances”, and numerous fundamental differences from our current reality. In some examples means are provided for new types of fixed and mobile devices such as “Teleportals” that provide always on “digital presence” in Shared Life Spaces (which includes the Earth and near space), as well as remote control that treats some current networked electronic devices as “subsidiary devices” and provides means for their shared use, perhaps even evolving some toward becoming accessible and useful commodities. In some examples means are provided to control various networked electronic devices and turn them into commodity “subsidiary devices,” enabling more users at lower cost, including more uses of their applications and digital content. In some examples of this Alternate Reality reporting on the success of various choices settings is visible and widely accessible, and the various components and systems of the Expandaverse may have settings saved, reported on, accessed and distributed for copying; it therefore becomes possible for human economic and cultural evolution to gain a new scope and speed for learning, distributing and adopting what is most effective for simultaneously achieving multiple ranges of both individually and collectively chosen goals. In a brief summation of the Expandaverse it is an Alternate Reality and these are just some of the characteristics of its divergent “digital realities,” and its scope or scale are not limited by this or by any description of it.

Unlike fiction, however, this is the engineering of an Alternate Reality in which the know-how for achieving human success and human goals is widely delivered and either provided free or sold commercially. It is as if a successful Alternate Reality can now exist in a world parallel to ours—the Expandaverse as a parallel digital “universe”—and this describes the devices, technology(ies), infrastructure and “platform(s)” that comprise it, which is herein named the Alternate Reality Teleportal Machine (ARTPM). With an ARTPM modern technological civilization gains an engineered dynamic machine (that includes devices, utilities, systems, applications, identities, governances, presences, alternate realities, shared life spaces, machines, etc.) that provides means that range from bottom-up support of individuals; to top-down support of collective groups and their goals; with the results from a plurality of activities tracked, measured and reported visibly. In this Alternate Reality, a plurality of ways that people and groups choose to act are known and visible; along with dynamic guidance and reporting so that a plurality of individuals and groups may see what works and rapidly choose higher levels of personal and economic success, with faster rates of growth toward economic prosperity as well as means for disseminating it. In sum, this Alternate Reality differs from current atomized individual technologies in separate fields by presenting a metamorphosized divergent reality that re-interprets and re-integrates current and new technologies to provide means to build a different type of connected, success-focused, and evolving “world”—an Expandaverse with a range of differences and variations from our own reality.

Is this an outlier, or a glimpse of a future New World?

When this Digital Earth is built, would you migrate to it? You might find experiences you never imagined, and new abilities you never expected to enjoy. From the patent application:

(quote from the Abstract) Among other things, we describe a reality alternative to our physical reality, named the Expandaverse, that includes multiple digital realities that may be continuously created, broadcast, accessed, and used interactively.

(quote) One of the new components of an Expandaverse is both that new “digital realities” can be created by individuals, corporations, non-profits, governments, etc.; and these realities and their components can be owned, sold, inherited, etc. with the same differences in values and selling prices as physical properties—but with some key differences: Unlike the physical Earth which ran out of new property after the entire planet was claimed and “homesteaded,” the ARTPM’s Expandaverse provides continuous economic and lifestyle opportunities to create new “digital properties” that can be created, enjoyed, broadcast, shared, improved and sold. The ability to imagine and to copy others’ successes becomes new sources of rapidly expanding personal and group wealth when the ability to turn imagination into assets becomes easier, the ability to spread new digital realities becomes an automated part of the infrastructure, and the ability to monetize new digital properties becomes standardized.

When you have the freedom to choose, will you choose a technology future where others control you, or where you’re in control?

Why the Expandiverse?

The Expandiverse is a first step into a human designed Digital Earth that complements physical reality – to turn the Earth into one digital room with everyone in it.

At its highest level, Digital Earths are additions we design: Instead of living in only one physical reality that controls us, for the first time we control reality.

In this unique “Expandiverse” everyone can pursue their own dreams, in the realities they want, and use the world’s best tools and resources to reach their personal goals.

Why have just one of your dreams?

  • The Expandiverse is serial: What do you want next?
  • The Expandiverse is parallel: How many of your dreams do you want at once?
  • It’s life’s full experience: Can you have it all and enjoy it all, in your one short life?

In the future, which reality do you think most people will prefer… the physical reality that controls them, or new Digital Earths they control?

The mission of an Expandiverse is to change our expectation from a future we fear into a future we can’t wait to build and enjoy – Digital Earths where we all have amazing personal abilities, experiences and achievements.

For everyone.


Image credits: Shutterstock