The Four Best Business Opportunities (video: 4:09)

INTERVIEWER: What are some of the ways a company can start using Expandiverse technology today?

DAN ABELOW: So the real question is: What does the company want? What does that include, and when does it want it?

After that, it becomes easy because there are four different stages.

The first is what’s immediate. Do they want to add products and features to existing products? That becomes working with the individual product managers directly. Looking at product features, capabilities. How do you add it? How do you deliver it so that they can take that to market.

The next is going up the scale so to speak. What are the new products and services that you would like to add next, or in the future? What is your road map? That again becomes working with the individual teams, as well as, now a higher Director level of where are you going, and let’s figure out how to get there, and how to put the pieces in there. Again, that’s planning, designing, developing, building, testing, launching.

The next stage becomes: Where does the company want to be in the future? Where does it see the marketplace going, its market and its industry? At that level, this begins to become: What are the pieces and what’s the strategy so your company can leap ahead of your industry and really capture it.

The nature of our marketplaces today, especially in tech, is what I call “winner take all”. There are dominant companies. There are also some companies that are close to dominating and would like to dominate.

What’s clear is that the dominant companies not only dominate but they seek to stay ahead and maintain their lead, and continue to capture and own large segments of the marketplace.

That third level is about how do you take your company and do that?

Above that is the largest level. The Expandiverse is a leap ahead into a future that I believe is going to happen, that we can see and feel coming. It’s a digital world and we are becoming a digital world.

The real question becomes: Is there one or just a few companies out there that have what I call the “throw weight” to take new technology, new ideas and project them worldwide so that they really change the world.

And do you want to be a company like that?

Because if you change the world and the world becomes different and you become the dominant company or companies of that different world, you’ve got a position that you are likely to be in for the next 10 or 20 years. Maybe for a generation or more.

New, major companies come from somewhere. The answer is, here. Instead of a product idea it could come from a time shift. Say, “We want to get to that future before others, and we want to own that future as much as we can.”

Each one of those is a very specific focused consulting engagement, license, acquisition of technology, whatever it is.

It is really up to the company what they want and I am looking forward to the opportunity.

My goal is to help make this real. It is to help bring the world to a new level of capability and performance.

My goal would be to work with those companies as much as possible and really bring this into existence in the ways that they see themselves being able to best use this.