Will a Digital Earth be the Planet We Choose, or a World Chosen for Us?



By 2025, will today's leaders rule, new startups replace them, or something else?


Tech companies want to do good, but their focus has to be their business. Both startups and leaders want the same future: They win. They’re the leaders.

We’re just like them. Your biggest story is your future. We each want to be the winner in our future.

How will we all get there? How can our future and business future come together?

It’s time to look beyond tech.

The industrial revolution has been an unprecedented success. Humanity changed the world forever, taking our personal and economic potentials to unmatched heights. Now that’s forcing us to learn how to cope with success.

During the next decade we will pioneer a new transition in human history, because we achieved so much during the industrial revolution. Here are some of the “Crisis of Success” that will drive us:

  • Population growth to 9 billion
  • Worldwide consumption that threatens the Earth’s bio capacity
  • Rising sea levels from greenhouse gases
  • Mushrooming total debts
  • Shrinking job prospects and declining middle class incomes in advanced economies
  • Unemployment, especially among the young
  • Income inequality
  • Terrorism
  • Fresh water supplies for our gargantuan needs, and more.

Inevitably, these will overtake us because we won’t make sweeping changes in how we live and what we want. We like the way we are. Nearly everyone wants it all, wants it now, and refuses to slow down.

We’re in a race against problems we will keep creating.

This dilemma is also history’s first opportunity to build a far more successful world than has ever existed before. As we leave behind the industrial era, our coming digital world must become far better than we expect.

We need to use our greatness to become more, achieve more, fulfill our potentials.

It’s time to look at tech in a new way. As we become a Digital Earth, our story isn’t which company’s product or service leads and drives “The Future.” In the next decades, for the first time, we need to be so capable that we succeed in spite of ourselves.

Without tech we won’t complete our journey or fulfill our destiny. Without customers who are committed to their success, tech companies can’t win.

People need tech, and tech needs people, so we become even greater than we can imagine we will be.


By 2025, will today's leaders rule, new startups replace them, or something else?


If Change is the new Big, where do you fit in the future?

Since 2007 I’ve been privately developing another way forward. Neither top-down nor bottom-up, it’s new technology to build tomorrow’s more successful digital planet today.

Suppose we could move into a continuously connected digital world that adds new ways for individuals, groups and societies to succeed.

Suppose technology could serve everyone so you can use your continuous connections — with people, devices, apps, services, tools and resources — to build the future you want.

Suppose this new tech were also IP that gives companies incentives to adopt it and use it to capture markets, so building this new kind of future could expand their revenues and profits.

This new technology is named the Expandiverse. It’s an “expanding” digital “universe” that puts everyone in control, so everyone can move to the top of an expanding pyramid. It’s a new path to universal personal success, to collaborative advances, to potential prosperity for everyone regardless of your education or financial resources. This IP will be in force until 2031, when it will become free for everyone to use. Forever.

What if the real owner of your future is you? Would you sit on top of the world’s pyramid, rather than be controlled by it? Would you run your world in the ways you believe are best? Would you enjoy a digital world that’s you-centered, a world that makes money by serving you?

In addition to the future that will come from bottom-up startups and top-down leading companies, there’s now another way. Buildable Expandiverse Technology and IP could be used by both leading companies and startups to produce a continuously connected digital world of the future.

The biggest surprise in Silicon Valley was hearing companies say this is where the tech industry is headed. But we actually talked about the Expandiverse’s family of devices with continuous connections, its shared digital spaces that are you-centered and provide you a digital world that you control — and other specific business opportunities.

They saw its products, services and profits. I saw the future take a step toward a successful world.

If the alignment clicks, the world’s biggest business opportunity might be building our advanced digital Earth. A world where you and everyone can rise to the top, where greatness becomes the norm.

That would be an interesting pivot for our struggling Earth, no?


The first graphic is credited to Shutterstock. The second graphic is copyright Dan Abelow.