1.1.1 Shared Planetary Life Spaces (1:25 length)

INTERVIEWER: As opposed to Skype, for example, where I have to obviously dial up, I have to click a button and dial a colleague in Washington, D.C. for us to have a discussion or for us to be present. This is not that kind of action; it’s different. Is it?

DAN ABELOW: Here, you are already connected to your colleagues and people that you want to be connected to. That’s where Shared Planetary Life Spaces comes in. Just call it “Shared Spaces” for now. You’ll have multiple ones.

Your colleague in Washington, D.C. may be part of a single shared space where when you bring that online and you have that shared space accessible to you, everything in it is connected.

You may not have only that colleague, but you may have documents, tools, resources, services that you use in common, storage for different things that you utilize and other kinds of connections.

In a shared space, everything is online for you, including your people, places, services, tools, resources.

You have everything connected, but when you need it, when you want it, you simply focus that connection.

It’s no longer a process of logging-in. It’s more of a process of saying, “I need to use that service.” Boom! You’re there.