1.1.2 Become a dominant competitor (1:53 length)

INTERVIEWER: How do you see companies today embracing the Expandiverse and maybe turning upside down their business, or their industry? How should they they think about where they’re going?

DAN ABELOW: The Expandiverse can be used today in any number of ways, but I’ll give you a really simple example.

The Expandiverse is about being continuously connected. Right now, you’ve got intermittent and hopeful connections with your customers.

The Expandiverse is about you being able to be continuously connected to your customers, being aware of what they do and them being able to, through their actions, keep you fully informed of what their needs are and you having the systems to deliver to them what produces their higher level of success than can be achieved with today’s systems.

Moving into a continuously connected world changes your relationships. As you not just have this relationship with your existing customers, think that the same systems now project you worldwide.

Instead of your markets being wherever they are, your markets and your ability to connect with your customers now is everywhere with everyone.

The size of your capacity and the scale of your capacity shifts into an entirely different dimension and different plain.

Your competitors will not be moving with you. You will be moving around them and beyond them very quickly.