Actionable Roadmaps to
Global Digital Transformation:

First, how can your company disrupt and capture your industry? Add new people-first technology…

Then how can you scale to lead the coming Digital Earth? Add a people-first Global Digital Transformation…

Expandiverse Roadmaps to build a People-First Digital Earth

Strategy, Roadmaps and Briefings:

How will your company win against your biggest digital competitors — the billion-user platforms, AI’s and voice bots from Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon?

Capture a near-term inflection point:

First disrupt with a people-first industry.

Then disrupt the world:  Scale and lead a people-first Digital Earth.

Change the technology and change the world.


The world has been rebuilt many times as new inventions were created to change it: Examples are railroads, electricity, automobiles, communications, television, airplanes, computing and networks.


Up next: The Expandiverse Global Digital Transformation, to a People-First Digital Earth

Three of the Briefings:

CXO Executive Briefing

Lead the fast arriving Global Digital Transformation

Strategy Briefing

Lead the coming Winner-Eats-Everything Global Digital Economy

Vision Briefing

The Future Your Company can Lead: Our Journey to Greatness

Based on Dan Abelow's opening keynote speech to The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council

(41 min. video)

Strategy to lead the Winner-Take-All Digital Economy

Dan Abelow's keynote speech: Our Journey to Greatness

(32 min. video)

The Silver Bullet Innovation to Add to Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Based on Dan Abelow’s keynote speech that opened the Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council in New York:  The big surprise is the speed and scale at which your company can drive Global Digital Transformation.

Here’s the new technology and clear vision you need to lead tomorrow’s Digital Earth.

See the Executive Briefing now >

How to Get to the Top, and Lead the World

Today’s world is headed toward an Age of Crisis. This invention is the opposite:  Reach for a universally prosperous, successful and sustainable planet. Lead the World toward humanity’s highest and best goal.

Become the brand and historic leader everyone talks about now. And for a generation.

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Keynote: The Future of Devices is Our Journey to Greatness

Will our growing Age of Crisis force us on a Journey to Greatness? This keynote speech, delivered at a conference in Brazil, shows how our generation will become one of the most important in history.

We are about to build “a world where everyone can reach their full potentials, and today’s greatness becomes the new world standard.”

See how your company can grow historic — on Our Journey to Greatness.

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Industry Roadmaps:

Media Roadmap

Media + Advertising + Publishing + Content Marketing + Entertainment

Work Roadmap

Work + People + Presence + Communications + Tools + Productivity

Commerce Roadmap

E-commerce + Retail + Search + Shopping

Expandiverse Roadmap for Media + Entertainment + Ads + Content

Expandiverse Roadmap for Work + People


Media 2025 Roadmap

Develop your Media Leadership by adding a Gateway Platform that each person controls.

Deliver personalized information, advertising and lifelong Personal Success — tomorrow’s actionable Media.

See the Media Roadmap now >

Work 2025 Roadmap

Develop your Work Leadership by becoming the “Platform for Real-Time Work” around the world.

Converge customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, markets and the economy.

See the Work Roadmap now >

Commerce 2025 Roadmap

Embed the new “Actives” — Knowledge, Resources and Commerce — and develop your Commercial Leadership.

Replace search, advertising, shopping and retail with “moment of need” knowledge, tools and commerce.

Transform life, work, entertainment and learning. Drive the global economy and supply chain.

See the Commerce Roadmap now >

More Industry Roadmaps to develop:  Who else might lead their industry and then the world?

Industry Roadmaps:

Digital Convergence has begun.

Capture your industry, then other industries. Or be captured.

Industry Example Companies
Social Media Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
Collaboration / Remote Work Slack, Skype, Atlassian, Jive, SharePoint/Yammer, IBM Connections, etc.
Search Google, Chatbots, Voice assistants, Active Knowledge, etc.
Devices Apple, Samsung, Android, Huwei, Lenovo, etc.
Software Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Cloud services, Apps, etc.
IoT / Industrial Internet GE, Intel, Qualcomm, Cisco, etc.
Your Industry Your conference or company can get your custom Roadmap at

Global Roadmaps:

Start Prosperity and Greatness for All on a successful Digital Earth.

We are disconnected from — but wirelessly surrounded by — the world’s best knowledge, resources and tools. Imagine a world where the world’s best knowledge and digital resources flow to everyone to amplify what they do right away. The world’s highest levels of success will be delivered everywhere. Everyone will rise to greatness. This minute. Today. And every day.

Supply Chain Roadmap

Connected Consumption + Personal Success + Vendors + Supply Chain

Corporate Digital Transformation Roadmap

Two-speed strategy + Acceleration + Industry leadership + Scale to global leadership

Economic Growth Roadmap

Solve inequality + Reverse middle class decline + Accelerate economic growth

Expandiverse Roadmap for Connected Real-time Demand + Supply Chain

Digital Transformation Roadmap:  To leap ahead quickly, here's your roadmap

Growth 2025 Roadmap: Solve low economic growth, inequality and middle class decline

Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap

​Disrupt and lead the economy with Connected Consumption, and a FAST Platform for Worldwide Prosperity.

By 2025, one or a few companies could lead tomorrow’s Supply and Demand Chains.

Roadmap Summary >

See the Supply Chain Roadmap now >

Corporate Digital Transformation Roadmap

​Do your Global Transformation. Earn by guiding other companies through their Transformations.

Sell their Digital Earth Platforms as your cloud service. Earn from helping companies lead the world…

See the DX Roadmap now >

Economic Growth 2025 Roadmap

Help lead the world to faster economic growth and the solution to inequality.

Add Exponential Personal Growth and start Universal Prosperity.

See the Growth Roadmap now >

More Global Roadmaps to develop:  When tech adds people-first, how will that change the world?

Key Area Example Transformations
Public Domain How could Expandiverse Technology be made public domain, so everyone can build its components?
Brands Customer journeys to continuously connected, high quality customer-vendor relationships.
Digital Cities Parallel physical and digital cities; Services, multiple presences, multi-city residence/employment, notifications, alerts, etc.
Privacy / Safety/ Security Online and physical safety beyond surveillance, police and governments. They protect their security above people. When you’re in control, your safety comes first.
Politics How well do politicians fix inequality, middle class decline, low economic growth, education, healthcare and much more? Here are new ways for you and everyone to rise. Why should elites be the only ones at the top of society? Why not everyone?
Identity Parallel physical and digital identities; Identity services, worldwide presences, multiple work/career paths, multiple identity asset management, etc.
Designed Realities Creating, broadcasting, sharing and living in the multiple digital realities your multiple identities want and choose.

The next Scale of Transformation:  Disruptive companies lead industries. Why not the World?

Stage 1:  Today’s Industry Transformations

Today’s scale:  Billion-user platforms

Today’s platforms: Pivot to find massive traction, then scale:

Examples of the "Corporation-First" Winner-Take-All Tech Model

By 2025 these kinds of platforms could capture most of the world’s wealth through AI, robotics, cost elimination and automated jobs.

Today’s impact:  Disruptors capture industries

Industries that are being digitally transformed:

  • The world’s largest media company:  Facebook — creates no content
  • The world’s largest merchant: — owns no inventory
  • The world’s largest mobile software vendor:  Google — doesn’t write most apps
  • The world’s largest taxi company:  Uber — owns no cars
  • The world’s largest hotel chain:  Airbnb — owns no property
  • The world’s largest phone company:  Skype — owns no telco infrastructure
  • The world’s largest movie house:  Netflix — owns no cinemas

Lesson for Leaders:  If you’re not the disruptor, you lose.

Stage 2:  Tomorrow’s Global Transformation

Where are you going?

To see the people-first Digital Earth, start here

The big surprise:

A Global Digital Transformation will converge life, work, business, entertainment and everything.

Digital Convergence Wars are coming. Digital Darwinism will determine the few apex leaders.

Winner-take-all will become “winner eats everything,” with always-on platforms and ecosystems.

How much time do you have to get there?


The big surprise:

The coming Digital Infrastructure will last for decades, with a few long-term winners and many losers​.

Now is the time to start developing your leadership — before your company is consumed or captured by a dominant competitor.

Prepare now:  Expandiverse Roadmaps help you capture your industry, then scale to help lead a people-first Digital Earth.

Breakthrough UX adds services to help you accelerate to leadership.

Lesson for Leaders:  First movers capture the future. Don’t be late. Don’t lose.

Your Strategic Step:  Get Future Ready Now

The next big disruption:  Global Digital Transformation

Will people or companies lead the World?

New Expandiverse Technology was created to create a positive future with a People-First Global Digital Transformation.

What is disrupted? This puts people first, transforming the ways in which leading companies do business. Its name is Partnership Capitalism.

The world’s new leading companies are continuously connected with consumers, employees, suppliers and distributors. The world’s best abilities are at everyone’s fingertips. Everyone can rise all the time.

Everyone also has Digital Boundaries and blended screens, so their personal choices are what their screens display:  For example, you could see healthy food, renewable energy, and products from people-responsive companies only.

Everyone’s Digital Boundaries control their visible products, services and companies. You will see the kind of planet you want, with choices you believe in. For companies to appear, they will need to give you want you expect…

When everyone can succeed immediately, the world can rise to greatness for the first time.

Imagine a planet of universally successful and prosperous people. Billions grow every minute, advance every day, reach for their dreams as a normal part of life. And achieve them, because Personal Greatness is normal. For everyone.

When everyone gains control, how will it work?

What will people choose?

Partnership Capitalism: The Internet’s next business model

See The Internet’s next business model: Partnership Capitalism

New Digital Boundaries give consumers control: Always on, positive relationships

What happens to the size and shape of the economy when everyone can succeed immediately?

We are wirelessly surrounded by the world’s best knowledge and tools. But they’re disconnected from what we do.

On a people-first Digital Earth, the best knowledge, digital tools and commercial choices are embedded in every step. Everyone can use them in live connections to rise to greatness.

With personal Digital Boundaries and Connected Consumption, the choices each person wants will be the ones they see.

When the world’s best knowledge, tools and choices are a normal part of everyday life, personal success will become the norm.

Trusted companies will enjoy always on connections, accurately delivered products and services, reduced marketing, minimized advertising, lowered risk and raised satisfaction.

These companies’ economic fortunes soar as they take markets and consumers on the Journeys to Quality Living each person wants. Digital Boundaries raise competitive barriers by blocking companies that are not wanted.

Everyone can live in the high-quality world they want, for the first time in history.

Lesson for Leaders:

Begin by adding Digital Earth features to today’s products and services.

Use a Two-Speed Strategy:  (1) Today’s business with new features, plus (2) Transformation experts accelerate your digital future.

Get an online Strategy Briefing here

Start Today with Stage One and Services

Four Stages: Start with Your Products and Customers

A Digital Economy’s network effects mean winner-take-all.

If only a few companies will lead a Digital Earth, why not make it your company? And why not use Universal Personal Success and Prosperity to drive your company’s growth, expand markets, and lead a successful planet?

Build your people-first Digital Earth Platform in stages:

  • Stage 1:  Develop leadership today by using initial Expandiverse features to solve your customers’ biggest problems.
  • Stage 2:  Scale to solving your industry’s biggest problems.
  • Stage 3:  Include other companies in your ecosystem, or capture and consume them.
  • Stage 4:  Start disrupting and leading a people-first Digital Earth by 2020–2025.


Don’t wait. Become tomorrow’s leader now. Add these capabilities to your products, services, company and culture.

Breakthrough UX custom Services Delivery fits your development processes and goals

Services to Transform You into THE Digital Leader Today

How will your company win against the billion-user platforms, AI’s and voice bots — and the $multi-billion investments — from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM Watson and Apple?

Follow-the-leader doesn’t work when multiple leaders will be gearing up to spend $billions capturing your customers, the economy and entire societies.

You need a new way to think, a better future to build, new technology to build it — and skilled people to drive it.

You need to add experts who accelerate your company and put you in front.

If your company falls behind, you’ll be road kill.

Add features that will grow your platform. First make yours a people-first digital industry. Then scale to help lead a people-first Digital Earth.

Accelerate your company by adding new people-first services from the inventor’s consulting company, Breakthrough UX.

Lesson for Leaders:  Deliver new People-First Growth now, and multiply your company’s value

Begin by adding Digital Earth features to your products and services today. Target Industry Leadership.

Then scale your industry leadership to start consuming competitors, and extend into multiple industries.

As your platform grows, help start Universal Prosperity on a Successful Digital Earth. Become THE people-first digital leader — and multiply the value of your company.

New Expandiverse Technology:  The new lever to move the world

The world has been rebuilt many times as new inventions were created to change it:  Examples are railroads, electricity, automobiles, television, airplanes, computing and networks.

Up next:  The Expandiverse Global Transformation, to a People-First Digital Earth

Perspective is from Market Value and Patent Citations (published in the Rand Journal of Economics): Firms with 20 patent citations and more “command a staggering 54% market value premium.” (p. 4) This research also shows:

  • The average patent receives 3 citations during its 20-year lifetime. (p. 32)
  • Only a few dozen patents receive over 100 citations, out of millions of patents. (p. 25)

Here’s the leading indicators from Expandiverse Technology to build a Digital Earth:

  • Over 500 patent citations were received within 10 months after the first Expandiverse patent issued.
  • Bill Gates cited this technology in 8 of his new patents.
  • The most patent citations come from world-leading companies.
  • The U.S. Patent Office divided the 1,400 page Expandiverse specification into 31 technology categories, enabling a patent family of divisional patents from now through 2031.

What’s clear from the volume patent citations?  The R&D investments in this area are huge and widespread…

We will live on a Digital Earth long before this IP expires in 2031.

Meet the inventor and architect, Dan Abelow

Principal Consultant Breakthrough UX, Inventor Expandiverse Technology, and Architect Digital Earth 2025 Roadmaps

  • Degrees from Harvard and Wharton.
  • Drove advances at world-leading companies like Accenture and Cisco Systems.
  • Previous patents licensed by over 500 companies.
  • Over 500 patent citations of new Expandiverse Technology to build a people-first Digital Earth.

About Dan Abelow >

Meet Dan (0:53 video)

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