Technology is changing everything. How do you deal with that?

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A winner-take-all digital economy gives you one decisive choice:

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Is the world an invention?

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Two briefings on the future of Digital Transformation:  The world’s Journey to Greatness

Digital Transformation:  The big surprise is Global Digital Transformation, surpassing company transformations

An Expandiverse Digital Earth will help everyone leap ahead every minute as we live, work and are entertained. It is human exponential growth for everyone connected, everywhere.

If you’re new to these ideas, start with the keynote speech on the left:  See the coming Crises, and how we will rise to greatness.

If you’re a C-level executive at a company that is turning digital, start with the briefing on the right:  See the silver bullet innovation you can use to achieve Industry and World Leadership.

The Future of Devices: The Crisis of Success and Our Journey to Greatness

(Length:  32:15)

Come on a journey from our pre-historic ancestors, to humanity’s rise to prosperity during the Industrial Revolution. This is now producing a “Crisis of Success” as we become unquenchable. Countless billions want unlimited consumption for centuries to come, threatening the world on which we depend.

Our Crisis of Success will force us on a Journey to Greatness. We no longer have a choice: We must build a Digital Earth with superior personal and global abilities.

How will this amazing future begin? What will its technology be? How will we live and work? Instead of questions, here is where you see how our generation will become one of the most important in history, as we turn toward a predestined Journey to Greatness.

This vision is clear: “A digital Earth will change how you and I interact, how we all connect and achieve more. The future of devices isn’t about devices; it is really your journey into tomorrow’s digital world — a world where everyone can reach their full potentials, and today’s greatness becomes the new world standard.”

Executive Briefing:  The Silver Bullet Innovation for Your Company’s Digital Transformation

(Length: 41:09)

Which innovation will move your markets and put your company in the lead? This on-demand briefing is based on Dan Abelow’s keynote speech that opened the Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council in New York.

How will your company connect with customers, suppliers, employees and partners? The big surprise is the speed and scale at which your company can drive Industry and Global Digital Transformation, not just your company’s transformation.

Here’s the new technology and clear vision you need to start leading tomorrow’s Digital Earth in years, not decades.

Briefing sections:
1:40 Your Challenge
5:32 Morning: Day in the Life
9:26 How does this work?
22:16 Lead the World
32:06 Historic Inflection Point

Two strategies and new technology for your company to take leadership

First Strategy:  Dodge Digital Downfall

(Length:  5:05)

It’s begun:  An economic extinction of companies and jobs. Every two weeks, on average, a company falls off the S&P 500. By 2025, half of today’s leading companies will be new.

How will your company survive and prosper? This first strategy is how to survive and get the resources to become a digital leader.

Second Strategy:  Lead a Digital Earth

(Length: 13:18)

This second strategy adds a digital acceleration initiative next to your main business. This starts small and lean, focused on developing your leadership. Using new technology, it shows you how to become a leader in your industry. Your digital advances will help your company and customers rise to the top, with you as a leader of your industry — and then a more capable Digital Earth.

Example:  The Internet’s next business model: Always on, positive relationships

New Digital Boundaries give consumers Control:  Always on, positive relationships

Win-win:  Companies and customers develop the always on, two-way relationships that meet both their needs

Control Your World

(Length:  4:09)

People have always controlled what they look at. Next, Digital Boundaries will automate your control over what you display on your screens, and what you keep off of them.

The world’s most valuable real estate will become your user-controlled interface on all your screens.

First, you will display the world you want, the world you believe in.

Second, you can replace today’s targeted advertising tsunami with the ads and content that you choose.

Third, when you control your screens, you will help shape tomorrow’s digital economy and the world it builds.

Your results from Digital Boundaries? Companies will serve you. They will make your life — and the world — better. They will serve you and fit your choices, instead of you serving them.

Command the Economy

(Length:  6:18)

People already use ad blocking to stop ads from appearing on their screens. When Expandiverse Digital Boundaries let you choose which ads and content you display, the world you see will be the world you believe in. This strengthens the companies and values you want, and diminishes the companies you banish.

People changed entire industries when they took control of music and news. Next, you can help transform unhealthy food (obesity and disease) and global warming (fossil fuels). Expandiverse Digital Boundaries are a kill switch on the world you don’t want, and a green light for the world you want to help develop.

Digital Boundaries can be run automatically for millions by advertising services. They can also be managed by nonprofits whose goals people want to strengthen by living in the world they work to build, and sharing the advertising revenues from redirecting the economy.

Because you choose the ads and content displayed, responsive companies will connect directly to you and deliver the “high quality experiences” you expect. When you display the world you believe in, your choices will change the world.

Example:  Tomorrow’s continuously connected Supply Chain and Economy

A real-time global economic platform:  Expandiverse Shared Spaces move consumers, vendors and suppliers to a real-time Digital Earth

Win-win:  Supply chains operate efficiently and accurately through always on “visible markets” served by “visible Supply Chains”

McKinsey - Supply Chain 2012 2025 - small

Continuously Connected Global Platform

(Length:  2:27)

You’ve used platforms for years. Now, a new kind of Expandiverse platform can provide a continuously connected global supply chain. This will produce the real-time global economy that we will need in our huge and fast-growing world.

On the supply side a company can continuously connect manufacturing, shipping and distribution to get the right products to the right sellers when their customers need them.

On the demand side, customers can be continuously connected so their needs are known and met right away.

As we grow a global supply chain that’s 2 to 3 times larger, we will solve supply chain problems immediately, and reach new levels of economic performance.

The Supply Chain in Shared Planetary Spaces

(Length:  2:19)

On a Digital Earth, everyone in a global supply chain will experience it in a new way. All the parts of a supply chain will enjoy continuous connections in Expandiverse Shared Spaces.

As each participant does each step, supply chain managers can evaluate the progress. They can coordinate in real time with each participant, and with those who receive what they do.

With new continuous connections in always on Shared Spaces, global supply chains will become more accurate and effective.

The coming decade’s historic inflection point:  A Digital Earth will be arriving by 2025

Our generation will transform our physical planet into a Digital Earth

Companies are expected to spend $1 trillion on their Digital Transformations over the next decade. The Expandiverse is new technology with a roadmap for your company to lead your Industry — or the World. You choose your scope.

The Expandiverse is designed to produce universal success on a 
Digital Earth. This will be a planet where everyone can rise to the top, everywhere — with a time scale that starts in years and builds out in 1-2 decades. Why wait generations?

Destination: Transformed World 2025

(Length: 2:16)

When technology turns the physical world digital, this change will be big and fast. Up to 40%–50% of companies and 47% of jobs will be obsolete.

If you can’t race faster than this bullet, this shift could kill your company — and your personal future.

Strategy:  Your problem is bigger than you think

A digital economy is winner-take-all, and today’s leading digital companies aim to win. Your company will work for them or they will shut you out, and maybe shut you down.

But your senior executives don’t want you to disrupt your existing businesses. They want to keep doing what worked last year. Just make that more digital and faster.

Here are your real choices:

    1. Today’s Status Quo: A few digital companies are leaders.
    2. Digital Dominants: Leading platforms capture your industry.
    3. Industry Leader: With an Expandiverse platform you can lead your industry.
    4. World Leader: With a multi-industry Expandiverse platform, you can become a world leader.

Digital Transformation: Strategic Choices

As “digital” changes everything, use the Expandiverse to power your leadership

How will your company remain a leader in 2020? In 2025?

New Expandiverse Technology and services give you three direct steps:  First, we start you fast with a custom foresight speech. Then we help you design and develop your company’s Digital Transformation. Third, we expand your abilities to lead your industry or the world.