Actionable Roadmaps 2025

The first Global Technology Architecture
for Your Company to Lead Your Industry and a
People-First Digital Earth

A People-First, Successful Planet

How could people-first technology start Universal Prosperity that includes everyone? How could your company use that to lead a Digital Earth?

We have grown used to seeing winner-take-all tech companies disrupt many industries.


New Expandiverse Technology has been created to disrupt the world. It delivers new abilities and power to each person, company, society, and the planet. It puts the whole world in one fully alive digital room.

New systems and blended screens display the best abilities and tools. Filters and Boundaries put every person in control of their displays, ads and content. Each person can choose and live in the multiple Digital Earths — Shared Life Spaces— they believe are right for them.

Each “Shared Space” has live “always on” connections between people, companies, services, places and resources. The world’s best choices and resources are at everyone’s fingertips. A new universal “Journey to Quality” connects consumers and vendors. Their continuous two-way relationships are a win-win for every person, customer-centered companies and the economy.

New abilities will be visible in everything we do digitally. Barriers will be digitally filtered out. Then humanity can rise, the markets wanted will expand again, and societies will flourish on a Digital Earth that people believe in. It will be a planet where everyone can succeed all the time.

Your company could drive this first. A Digital Earth’s winner-take-all leaders will deliver it, be its gatekeepers and earn its embedded transaction revenues. Your returns begin with leading your industry. Then you can scale this to lead the planet to a new stage of personal growth and economic prosperity.

How does this work? Why would your company do this? What kind of world will this be?

This new vision changes the goal line to people-first technology. It includes a Global Digital Transformation, with Personal Exponential Growth and personally-led Partnership Capitalism. These are created by new Expandiverse Technology, whose first patent has been cited over 450 times within months after being issued.

Your company’s reward could be winner-take-all global leadership by first leading your Industry, then the World. You achieve that by enabling greatness by every person, consumer, employee, supplier and partner — on a continuously connected Digital Earth.

Our future re-opens when each person can rise to the top in a self-directed “Journey to Quality.” As personal greatness becomes normal markets will grow and your company will start leading a successful planet that delivers a new inflection point: universal prosperity on a self-chosen Digital Earth.

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By 2025, could we build a people-first Digital Earth that helps everyone rise?

Briefings and Roadmaps:  How can Your Company Lead a Successful Planet?

3 Briefings, 3 Industry Roadmaps, 2 Global Roadmaps, 1 Digital Transformation Guide

Videos and introductions to the future of Business, Technology, World, Health, Education, Living, Entertainment and Opinion

Three Briefings:

Vision Briefing:

The Future Your Company can Lead:  Our Journey to Greatness

Dan Abelow's keynote speech: Our Journey to Greatness

Vision Briefing:  Keynote – Our Journey to Greatness (32 min. video)

Will our growing Age of Crisis force us on a Journey to Greatness? Our generation will become one of the most important in history, as we build “a world where everyone can reach their full potentials, and today’s greatness becomes the new world standard.”

Executive Briefing:

Lead the fast arriving Global Digital Transformation:

Based on Dan Abelow's opening keynote speech to The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council

Executive Briefing:  The Silver Bullet Innovation for Your Company’s Digital Transformation (41 min. video)

Based on Dan Abelow’s keynote speech that opened the Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council in New York:  The big surprise is the speed and scale at which your company can drive Global Digital Transformation. Here’s the new technology and clear vision you need to lead tomorrow’s Digital Earth.

Strategy Briefing:

Lead the Winner-Take-All Digital Economy:

Strategy to lead the Winner-Take-All Digital Economy

Strategy Briefing: How to Get to the Top, and Lead the World

Today’s world is headed toward an Age of Crisis. This invention is the opposite:  Reach for a universally prosperous, successful and sustainable planet. Lead the World toward humanity’s highest and best goal. Become a brand everyone will talk about. Forever.

Industry Roadmaps:

The next Industry Roadmaps to develop:  Who else might lead their industry and then the world?

Industry Roadmaps:

Digital Convergence has begun.

Capture your industry, then other industries. Or be captured.

Industry Example Companies
Social Media Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
Collaboration / Remote Work Slack, Atlassian, Jive, SharePoint/Yammer, IBM Connections, etc.
Search Google, Chatbots, Voice assistants, Active Knowledge, etc.
Devices Apple, Samsung, Android, Huwei, Lenovo, etc.
Software Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Cloud services, Apps, etc.
IoT / Industrial Internet GE, Intel, Qualcomm, Cisco, etc.
Your Industry Your conference or company can get your custom Roadmap at

Global Roadmaps:

Global Growth Roadmap:

Solve Low Economic Growth + Inequality + Middle Class Decline

Growth Roadmap to solve Low Economic Growth + Inequality + Middle Class Decline

Growth 2025:  Start Human Exponential Growth and Accelerate Global Productivity

We are disconnected from — but wirelessly surrounded by — the world’s best knowledge, resources and tools. Imagine a world where the world’s best knowledge and digital resources flow to everyone throughout every day. The world’s highest levels of success will be delivered everywhere. Everyone will rise to greatness.

Supply Chain Roadmap:

Connected Real-time Demand Chain + Supply Chain

Expandiverse Roadmap for Connected Real-time Demand + Supply Chain

Supply Chain 2025:  Global accuracy and efficiency on tomorrow’s Digital Earth

Adding a continuously connected platform to the supply chain will move consumers, vendors, suppliers and logistics into one digital room. Today’s inaccuracies and inefficiencies will be fixed. The world will get what is needed to each person, when they need it.

The next Global Roadmaps to develop:  When tech becomes people-first, how will that change the world?

Key Area Example Transformations
Public Domain How could Expandiverse Technology be made public domain, so everyone can build its components?
Brands Customer journeys to continuously connected, high quality customer-vendor relationships.
Digital Cities Parallel physical and digital cities; Services, multiple presences, multi-city residence/employment, notifications, alerts, etc.
Privacy / Safety/ Security Online and physical safety beyond surveillance, police and governments.
Politics Inequality, middle class decline, low economic growth, education, government healthcare, visibility of politician payments/government capture, multi-country citizenship, etc.
Identity Parallel physical and digital identities; Identity services, worldwide presences, multi-country citizenships, multiple work/career paths, trans-identity/trans-border asset management, etc.
Designed Realities Creating, broadcasting, sharing and living in the multiple digital realities your multiple identities want and choose.

Your Company’s Digital Transformation Guide

See your company’s guide >

Expand Your Digital Disruption, then Scale It

Leave the slow road of incremental innovation to others. Go directly from A to Z in two steps:

First disrupt and lead your industry. Second, scale your platform to lead the world.

The big surprises will be Global Digital Transformation, with Personal Exponential Growth and consumer-led Partnership Capitalism

As your company does its Digital Transformation, why transform only your company when you can re-open everyone’s future, and lead a successful planet?

See your company’s guide >

Use the Quadrant to choose your company’s future:

(1) Where we are today.
(2) Today’s digital dominants capture your industry.
(3) Your company leads your industry.
(4) Your company helps lead the world.

The Expandiverse

The world has been rebuilt many times as new inventions were created to change the world:  Some examples are steam engines, electricity, automobiles, television, airplanes, and computers. Up next: The Expandiverse, for a people-first Digital Earth.

Leading indicator of a “new technology cluster”

From “Prediction of Emerging Technologies Based on Analysis of the U.S. Patent Citation Network,” published in the journal Scientometrics:
“We present a conceptual framework and a computational algorithm for studying the process of technological evolution and making predictions about it by mining the patent citation network… Our methodology seeks to detect incipient technological trends reflected in the citation network and thus to predict their emergence.”

It would be interesting to see the results from this data:

  • So far, over 440 patent citations have been received since the first Expandiverse patent was recently issued.
  • Over 90 of those citations are from from 8 of the world’s 10 biggest technology companies.
  • Bill Gates cited this technology in 8 of his new patents.
  • This compares to an average patent receiving just 3 to 6 citations during its 20-year lifetime.
  • The U.S. Patent Office divided the 1,400 page Expandiverse Technology into 31 technology categories, enabling new patents from this specification until 2031.
  • A Digital Earth will go into wide use long before this IP expires in 2031.

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